Fuji Vegetable Oils

Durr is wrapping up work with Shimizu North America on the new Fuji Vegetable Oil Processing Plant. Durr’s scope of work on this project, located in Avondale, Louisiana, included the clearing and grubbing of 13 acres of greenfield site, the installation of wick drains and associated drainage blanket, and installing the sand surcharge. Durr performed all site work including the surcharge removal, storm drainage, and utilities, including fire and domestic water service, along with sewer services and all asphalt and concrete pavement.  Additionally, Durr drove over 517, 110-foot tall, 14-inch wide concrete piles on this project for all structural foundations.  The new Fuji Vegetable Oil Processing Plant will import and refine palm oil, palm kernel oil, sunflower oil, and coconut oil from sources throughout the Pacific Region for distribution to various industries.

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