Our Clients

Durr knows that a successful client relationship is key to our success!  Durr strives to make each job a top priority and will do everything in its power to get a job done ahead of schedule and under budget. But don’t take our word for it- here’s what some of our clients have to say:

Gibbs Construction logo

Durr Heavy Construction has been a reliable and preferred subcontractor for Gibbs Construction since our inception in 1976. Gibbs Construction has relied on the diverse and competent talent of Durr Heavy Construction for many projects, from the most routine to the most complex. Durr Heavy Construction was particularly helpful in our collective efforts in St. Bernard Parish during the early days following Hurricane Katrina, and Durr accomplished literally heroic tasks related to the emergency levee repairs required to prepare for Hurricane Rita. Gibbs Construction frequently counts on the expertise of Durr Construction, and Durr Construction always delivers.  

Durr Heavy Construction is a company of high character and high capability. I am proud of my long-term business relationship with Durr Heavy Construction. Without reservation, I recommend and endorse Durr Heavy Construction for a wide range of site work, demolition, and disaster recovery projects.

— Lawrence C. Gibbs, CEO
Gibbs Construction, New Orleans

HRI Properties logo

To date, HRI Properties has completed over $2 billion in residential, hotel and commercial real estate development.  To successfully achieve this volume, HRI relies upon and values the relationships and partnerships with capable, innovative, reputable, and trustworthy organizations, all traits demonstrated and exemplified by Durr throughout all of our companies’ many collaborations and projects.

With extensive expertise in their field, a creative and driven team, an unwavering dedication to serving their clients, and a willingness to offer their tireless efforts toward accomplishing the scope of work at hand, Durr has proven to be a valuable member of the HRI Properties development team.

HRI would confidently recommend Durr as an exemplary company with personnel and work project of the highest quality.

— Christopher Clement, Project Leader
HRI Properties, New Orleans

TD Farrell Construction, Inc. logo

Our Costco Warehouse – New Orleans project is now open.  The associated 14.7-acre sitework prior and after the structure was completed is a testament to Durr Heavy Construction’s reputation for getting the job done.  This was the first opportunity for our firms to do business together and T.D. Farrell Construction, Inc. congratulates Durr on their successful contributions to the project.

— Shon Huettl, Project Manager
TD Farrell Construction, Atlanta

Woodward logo

Durr has been a key component to the successful completion of the first two phases of the Iberville Redevelopment Project.  Due to the complex nature of this project, Durr was able to work with the Woodward Team on a day to day basis to ensure the site work and ROW construction schedules were maintained while the vertical construction of six new construction buildings and the historical restoration of eight existing building took place across three city blocks. 

Durr has proven once again to be a valuable member of the Woodward Design+Build team.  Woodward looks forward to our continued partnership with Durr Heavy Construction.

— Nick Stodd, Project Manager
Woodward Design+Build, New Orleans

Burk-Kleinpeter, Inc. logo

As Executive Vice President of Burk-Kleinpeter, Inc. I am very pleased to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Durr Heavy Construction relating to their past performance and capabilities.  BKI and Durr go way back working together on numerous local projects.  Durr unquestionably possesses the manpower, equipment, resources, reputation, respect and stature in the community.

— Michael G. Jackson PE, Executive Vice President
Burk-Kleinpeter, Inc., New Orleans

Morphy Makofsky Incorporated Consulting Engineers logo

Our firm, Morphy, Makofsky, Inc. (MMI), is very familiar with the firm of Durr Heavy Construction.  Our civil engineering department has, on numerous occasions prepared contract documents in which Durr was the successful bidder and in turn, provided all the services required to build the designed projects.  Their staff, from the head office personnel to the field personnel, is very professional and their work efforts express Durr’s knowledge and construction abilities.

— Donald C. Makofsky
Morphy, Makofsky, Inc., New Orleans

Evans-Graves Engineers, Inc. logo

Durr’s vast knowledge of the various complexities of the construction industry, coupled with expert managing and scheduling capabilities, facilitated this project’s satisfactory completion within the very ambitious schedule allotted.  Throughout this project [Holy Cross Modular Relocation], we have found the personnel at Durr to be accommodating, easy to work with, cooperative, professional, respectful, and dedicated; as well as being extremely capable and conscientious workers.

The administration and students of “Sci Academy”, as it is now known, have received National recognition for their accomplishments and achievements; and the excellent efforts by Durr Heavy Construction must be considered integral to these recognitions.  We look forward to many more successful projects with Durr Heavy Construction in the near future.

— P. Stephen Lundgren, Jr., P.E., Deputy Chief Engineer
Evans-Graves Engineers, Inc., Metairie, LA

Sizeler Thompson Brown Architects logo

As Senior Project Manager of Sizeler Thompson Brown Architects, LLC., it has been my pleasure to have worked with Durr Heavy Construction on the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office (OPSO) parking lot and landscape project. Having worked over forty-years both nationally and internationally with numerous contractors, Durr has exceeded expectations and performed exceptionally.

Durr’s professionalism and personalized approach to accomplishing numerous contract and non-contract items for this project (OPSO) was refreshing. I trust that Durr’s continued work ethics will satisfy many clients in the future and I look forward to working with Durr again.

— V. David Croft II, AIA, Senior Project Manager
Sizeler Thompson Brown Architects, LLC., New Orleans, LA

Shaw logo

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ike, Shaw and a team of dedicated contractors mobilized the necessary equipment, materials, and personnel required to alleviate the severe flooding of several Louisiana coastal parishes. Working around the clock, in 24 days this team had completed the removal of all floodwaters from the affected parishes, over 12 billion gallons of flood water.  Despite the challenging working conditions associated with Emergency Response, this work was completed without a single recordable, lost-time or first aid incident.  Durr Heavy Construction’s contributions to this effort were exemplary.  Durr mobilized within hours of being contacted, and your team’s dedication, attitude, and performance were a key component in the successful completion of this important project.

— Bryan Vollmer, Project Manager
Shaw Environmental & Infrastructure, Baton Rouge