The Durr team has the experience as well as the resources and manpower to accomplish just about anything on a job site; we specialize in Site Prep, Demolition, Underground Utilities, Composite Construction and Paving, as well as Disaster Recovery. We accomplish all of this with the help of our experienced management team, multi-million dollar fleet of equipment, and state-of-the-art technology.

The ground at a jobsite is being prepped with fresh dirt for a new project

Site Prep

It is widely claimed that site preparation is the first step in any construction project. In reality, it’s actually the second. The first step is made by you. It’s the moment you first step foot on the property, close your eyes, and watch as your mind paints the picture of your grand vision.

It’s our job to take that vision and do our part to help make it a reality. We have a large fleet of construction equipment that allows us to quickly clear, excavate and/or fill any and all areas of land to help give your vision the strong foundation it needs. At Durr Heavy Construction, we use state-of-the-art equipment operated by our highly trained professionals.

We can tackle any site of any size and properly prepare it for construction. Over the past 65 years, we’ve performed site preparation projects requiring over 300,000 cubic yards of fill and have also excavated lakes and ponds over 20-acres in size.

Utilitie lines being installed onto a project site


The placement and updating of water and sewer services is a thankless job- and that’s exactly how we like it! When Durr Heavy Construction is on the job we take great pride in the fact that the quality of the work we perform will often not be seen again for several lifetimes.

We can run new water and sewer service lines or update the existing utilities to meet today’s strictest standards. In addition, we also have extensive experience updating old storm drainage pipes and catch basins.

Unlike the utility lines they lay, our staff aren’t just linear thinkers. They are able to go beyond what’s anticipated and quickly come up with new and innovate solutions when the job demands it. When time is of the essence this quick thinking helps keep the job on time and in budget. The result is a high demand for additional services that we provide. That’s all the thanks we need.

Multiple excavators surrounded by piles of demolition debris


It would be natural to assume that the demolition process is a simple one, but there is much more involved than just knocking down structures like a set of over-sized building blocks.

Before the process begins our team of professionals develop a thorough plan that is compliant with the strictest safety standards. Not only does this help guide the demolition process – it also takes into consideration the well-being of nearby residents, pedestrians and our team.

In the past 65 years, we’ve performed projects of all sizes, from single homes in the tight spaces of New Orleans to commercial spaces over 50-acres in size. In addition to complete demolitions, we also handle the intricacies of interior demolitions.

It is often said that actions speak louder than words, but you can be assured that our demolitions only appear effortless because they were planned that way.

composite construction

Composite Construction

Durr Takes Charge, Constructing Strong Foundations to Build Upon- and we repair them, too.

By utilizing the very latest in engineered resources, Durr is addressing the ever-increasing need to maintain and to strengthen damaged and/or aging infrastructure. Our composite services include the rehabilitation of infrastructure, elevated roadways, bridges (substructure and superstructure), structural concrete, as well as marine pilings (wooden, concrete, and steel).

Durr has proven success in structural rehabilitation via carbon fiber installation, structural concrete repairs, and timber and pile repairs. Incorporating composite construction into our already established portfolio of services enhances our ability to provide innovative solutions to any challenge.

a cement truck delivers cement as workers smooth it onto a job site


“Smooth.” While this would be an appropriate adjective to describe our finished results, we think it more accurately describes how we manage each project. As a full-service infrastructure contractor, we understand the importance of a well-managed and organized team.

It allows us to undertake projects of all sizes with relative ease. We have paved city highways, commercial parking lots and neighborhood thoroughfares. This includes a commercial project with over 300,000 square feet of paving and large residential projects with thousands of linear feet of sidewalk with hundreds of single driveways.

Remnants of a dock

Disaster Recovery

While it may be impossible to know when a natural disaster will occur, having a well-trained disaster recovery plan put into action by Durr Heavy Construction can help answer when recovery will begin: immediately. We have experience assisting with some of nature’s biggest unforeseen events. 

In 2005, we assisted with debris and water removal of the United States’ most catastrophic natural disaster, Hurricane Katrina. Then in 2011, we helped with the de-watering of Lafayette when the area was adversely affected by floods.

In each instance, Durr was able to act quickly with a coordinated response. Even in the midst of such disasters, we were able to maintain a sterling safety record. By limiting these incidents, we are able to spend more time on the job – getting it done in a timely manner.

As a financially sound company, we have the ability to secure the bonding needed to help keep the clean-up moving forward- even when payments are slowed due to the circumstances of the disaster.