Our Core

Mission Statement

DURR takes charge, constructing strong foundations to build upon.

Core Values


  • Adhere to the highest moral and ethical standards
  • Take responsibility for our actions
  • Remain undiminished in our position as a leader in our industry and in the community


  • Commit fully to our philosophy of Safety First
  • Provide safe work environments that promote the health and well being of all
  • Continue to improve our nationally recognized safety program and its results


  • Exceed customer expectations through continuous improvements in scope, productivity and lagniappe
  • Offer excellent service by delivering our projects on schedule and within budget
  • Achieve total customer satisfaction by understanding their specific needs


  • Keep our promises and keep our word
  • Meet and exceed our obligations to the customers and to the local community
  • Give our employees the tools needed to meet the needs of their families and their community


  • Encourage a cooperative effort at all levels and across all divisions of the organization
  • Provide high-grade selection, development, motivation and recognition of team members
  • Maintain a united front in the interest of our common causes


  • Recognize and maintain our belief in a higher power and a greater good
  • Display confidence in one another, our company and our community
  • Offer our time, resources and prayers to those who are in need