Entergy NOPS Unit 1

Durr Heavy Construction executed a significant portion of a major capital project for Entergy Corporation’s new NOPS 1 128MW gas-fired generating plant. Located at Entergy’s Michoud site in New Orleans East, Durr preformed work as a sub-contractor to Cajun Constructors, LLC out of Baton Rouge, LA. Durr’s scope of work consisted of clearing of the entire site, the installation of the power block sand surcharge, and limestone laydown/parking areas. Durr also installed a drainage blanket to assist with the effectiveness of the 28,000 wick drains installed on-site. Prior to beginning work on the site, Durr was required to identify and remove existing underground structures and piping, followed by installing the new underground utilities and drainage systems. Additionally, Durr installed the heavy haul road, new construction entrance, and temporary fencing around the site.

Total installed quantities to date are:

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