William “Bill” Johnson

a headshot of Bill Johnson

William “Bill” Johnson began working for Durr in 2005 and brought with him 25 years of experience from two other local construction firms. Johnson has both field supervision and management experience in civil, municipal and commercial construction projects along with in depth experience in the telecommunication industry.  He previously served on the 2015 HCSS President’s Advisory Board.

During the immediate recovery period after Hurricane Katrina, Johnson handled the deployment of 27 generator-powered aerators in the Orleans Parish canal systems to effectively oxygenate stagnant floodwaters being released back into Lake Pontchartrain. Bill also managed the design and construction of several Design/Build FEMA trailer sites in both Jefferson and Orleans Parishes.

Bill began his college career at Wichita State on a full football scholarship and was recruited by Missouri Western State University, where he continued playing football and completed his studies in Construction Engineering and Technology.

Johnson has been married to his wife, Beth, for over 25 years and has one stepson. He continues his athletic endeavors by pitching for various softball teams several nights a week, enjoys golf, and is a member of OTMAC.  His most recent “hobby” is restoring a 150 year old barge board shotgun home in Uptown New Orleans.

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