Durr Heavy Construction Hosts the Rhino Rodeo

On Saturday, October 6th, Durr employees and family came together to celebrate the company’s first Rhino Rodeo. The equipment rodeo and family festival included food, drinks, music and activities for all ages.  Durr employees were invited to participate in three equipment competitions and three skill challenges.  At the end of the event, the person who ranked highest overall in the three qualifying equipment competitions was named Rhino Rodeo Grand Champion.  Keep reading below to find our who our 2018 Rhino Rodeo Grand Champion is!

Qualifying Competitions

Rubbertire Basketball:

The object of this event is to place as many of the balls as possible into the container in as little time as possible.

Skidsteer Obstacle Course:

The object of this event, using a skidsteer, is to drive the obstacle course from one end to the other in as little time as possible.

Excavator Water Challenge:
The object of this event, using an excavator and bucket, is to place as much water as possible into the container in the allotted amount of time.

In addition to the three equipment competitions, the Rhino Rodeo also featured a Truck Driving event, a Wheelbarrow Race, and a Carpentry Challenge.

Truck Driving Event:
The object of this event is to properly and most accurately “park” the truck as close to each line as possible. Two lines will be marked on the ground between cones. The closer to the line the better.

Carpentry Challenge:
The object of this event is to cut three pieces of wood (2”x4” lumber) as accurately as possible without using tape measure. Each participant is given three measurements to match.

Wheelbarrow Race:
The object of this event is to place 5 shovels of sand in the wheelbarrow and complete one lap (down and back) of the course in as little time as possible.

The Rhino Rodeo also featured activities such as a Kona Ice Snowball truck, clowns, dogs from Animal Rescue New Orleans, a “construction zone” for kids, and test driving for four John Deere Powerwheels! The Powerwheels, along with other great items, were raffled off to guests later in the day.


Congratulations to our Rhino Rodeo Grand Champion, Cody McCloud! Cody had the highest ranking between the three qualifying competitions of the day which earned him the title and some great prizes.
The winners from each category pose with CEO Dana Stumpf: Wheelbarrow Race– Tim McGrew, Excavator Water Challenge – Jeremy Bordelon, Truck Driving Challenge – Brad Nettles, Skidsteer Obstacle Course – Chris Eiffert, Rhino Rodeo Grand Champion – Cody McCloud, Carpentry Challenge – Lionel Williams, Rubbertire Basketball – Tony Rodriguez